Property Tax Portability Initiative

Just recently the Board of Directors of the California Association of REALTORS® took a bold step.  They authorized a multi-million dollar effort to sponsor a ballot initiative that will allow all homeowners over 55 to transfer their property tax base anywhere in the State each time they move without a requirement to purchase a lower priced home.  (Higher priced homes will have a blended rate based on how much new value was added.) read more

Heart-Healthy Neighbors

Living in a friendly neighborhood may be good for your heart, according to a recent study by psychologists at the University of Michigan. In fact, the more social connections you have among your neighbors, the less likely you are to die from a heart attack.

The study analyzed the social connections of more than 5,000 adults in urban, suburban and rural areas over a four-year period. Researchers controlled for factors like age, race, income, marital status, education, mental health, optimism and other known health-risk factors associated with heart attacks, such as diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. By the end of the four years, 148 of the individuals studied had suffered a heart attack. read more

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