The Value an Agent Brings

by Teryn on February 24, 2015


Home Sweet Home

In a previous career, I trained HUNDREDS of people, across the US and Europe. In real estate, I have also had the privilege of working with hundreds of people to help them buy, sell and hold real estate. Like you, I like working with clients that I would enjoy having at my dinner table! Real estate isn’t like buying a car where you are ‘stuck’ with the first salesman that approaches you. You have choices.

But here’s what’s funny sometimes about people buying a house.  They choose convenience over value.

Let’s say you need a lawyer because you are being sued for lots of money. Would you hire the best lawyer or would you take the one who wasn’t busy with any clients?

Let’s say you need a doctor to treat something very bad. Wouldn’t you want to work with the doctor based on a recommendation by someone you know?

  • If you knew that I recently saved a client $35,000 on repairs because I am a student of negotiation strategy, would that make a difference to you?
  • If you knew that I would advise you to make a ‘best decision’ even if that results in me earning no commission (no sale), would that make a difference to you?
  • If you knew that your goal of home ownership at the lowest price in the shortest amount of time is all I can think about once you are my client, would that make a difference to you?
  • If you knew that my track record of closing sales is so high that many agents rely on me as a referral source because I get the job done for their clients, would that make a difference to you?

I could go on but read my client reviews as they speak for themselves. (Plus, honestly this is awkward talking about myself this way as I am not one to boast.)

So I guess my point is… Touring homes – well any agent can handle that. (Just like any doctor can take your temperature.) But when you want the best for the important things, I hope you’ll make the right, not the rash, decision.

As a Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE) designated REALTOR®,  here’s a very brief sampling of the value I bring to the table for you:

  • Committed to Your Results: I am a REALTOR® who is committed to a special relationship of trust, confidence and responsibility.  I am highly educated and provide expert guidance for you.
  • Negotiation Skills: My ability to negotiate and influence others should be your top priority.
  • Contract Understanding: The legal documents require in-depth knowledge and understanding to protect you from lawsuits and other legal liabilities.
  • Full Time Professional:  As a full time REALTOR® my group and I will always be available to you.
  • Training/Certifications/Designations: My ongoing education develops a higher level of expertise that ultimately gets you better results.
  • Overall Experience: My broad background and varying experiences gives me the ability to handle complex situations which  leads to better results for you.

I’m here to open the door to your dream come true!



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Looking for An Experienced Real Estate Agent

by Teryn on January 22, 2015


Here is a question I am often asked:

How many homes have you bought and sold?

In my career as a realtor, I have helped clients buy and sell hundreds of homes. As part of wealth building, I’ve also counseled clients on holding onto their property.

Plus, over the course of many, many years my husband and I have purchased and sold many of our own homes. The first home we lived in had been his bachelor pad which we turned into a rental property and held on to it for over 20 years. What was most amazing about that little house was that we leveraged it many times which allowed us over the years to buy and sell a very large tri-plex, three commercial buildings, our first home, and our dream home which was a 1915 hunting lodge.

We sold the lodge when we moved from Portland and purchased a Ventura hillside home. As for that bachelor pad rental property, in 2014 we did a 1031-exchange into a more expensive three bedroom, two bathroom mid-town Spanish charmer rental property in order to bring in a much higher return.

Our exit strategy for retirement is to someday sell our hillside house and move into the new rental. We will then live in the rental property for two years to absorb the capital gains and then sell it.

I believe communication is one of the most important things a realtor can bring to the table. My clients need to know so many things to make smart decisions. (Remember, YOU make the decisions, not your real estate agent!) For instance, for the current market I want to know things like:

  1. How many houses are in competition with my house?
  2. How quickly do houses sell in my neighborhood?
  3. How many showings were there this week?
  4. Are there any buyers who have seen my house more than once?
  5. How many agents have toured my house this week?
  6. Are there any mortgage issues impacting my potential buyers?

And as a skilled negotiator, I also want to know things like:

  1. Why is the seller selling?
  2. How did they land on the list price?
  3. What are the comparable sales in the neighborhood?
  4. Is the buyer a strong buyer and are they using a local lender?
  5. Has the buyer made offers on other properties?

If you are looking to buy or sell a home and want an agent who has been in your shoes and is an experienced negotiator, I’m your best choice.

The door to your dreams hinges on me!

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