Financing a First Home

Although financing a first home can be challenging, buyers who are prepared and know what they can afford up front can help expedite the process and save themselves unnecessary headaches later. Before starting your home search, follow these financial tips from the National Association of Home Builders and

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Interview with Teryn Bonime


Who do you work with most?

I work with a great diversity of clients from sophisticated investors to first time home buyers.  The majority of my clients are referrals from past clients who refer me to their friends and associates.

What are your strengths and areas of expertise?

My background in project management has helped me hone my skills at keeping often complicated transactions on track and on time.  I have also focused heavily in my training on negotiating skills.   This has resulted in consistently saving my clients time and money. Communication is also king whether face-to-face, on the phone, via email or text—whatever it takes to keep my clients informed on a timely basis.  Knowledge of current/past inventories and market trends is also critically important to stay current with what is happening daily.  Last but certainly not least is marketing–which is marketing your house to buyers and/or marketing your offer to sellers.

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Winter To-Do List

Kick off the New Year with a fresh attitude about home maintenance. After all, you don’t want to wait until the furnace conks out before you deal with it. Keep track of when you need to schedule service and how to keep things in good working order with The Weather Channel’s to-do list for January.

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Tap Into Your Home’s Value

For years, homeowners were afraid of tapping into their home equity—and rightfully so, considering the downward trend of home values in markets across the country.

But since prices began rising in late 2012, many homeowners have recovered significant chunks of equity and are now starting to feel more comfortable tapping into that, particularly to make renovations and repairs that may ultimately increase the value of their homes.

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