Natural Landscaping

According to a 2015 study conducted by the National Drought Resilience Partnership (NDRP), the drought across the Western United States and parts of the Midwest region was predicted to intensify. With so much sun and little rain, homeowners would need to prepare their landscapes accordingly. If you live in one of these drought-ridden areas, an easy solution for an efficient and attractive yard is a natural landscape.

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Home Designs for Busy People

With their calendars crammed with things to do and places to go, today’s busy families want to spend as little time as possible handling mun-dane household chores. To help families stay organized, newer homes are being built with customized floor plans to allow for more flexibility and better use of space. Here are a few examples of these home design trends.

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Extra Yardage

 Want to make better use of your outdoor space without spending a lot of money? Try these three simple tricks that can make all the difference between using your backyard and just looking at it.

  1. Romantic lighting can really add drama and whimsy to an otherwise dull outdoor space. Try stringing lights over a patio for a look that recalls street cafes and romantic restaurant patios. If you don’t have natural hanging spots for your lights to hook onto, install a simple, wood pole with a loop or hook screw on top. You can install the poles directly into the ground, or attach them onto your pre-existing railings or a heavy base.
  2. Potted trees and bushes can divide designated areas, provide shade in the summer heat and create privacy. Consider ‘skyrocket’ juniper trees, bamboo or arborvitae to start. You may want to ask your local plant center for ones that grow well in your area of the country and how they survive winter, if that is a consideration.
  3. Add a chimenea. If you live in a climate where it gets cooler at night and you want to extend the life of your patio a bit past its summer primetime, a simple, small chimenea. These are essentially firepits with a round, open belly and a thick pipe on top. The fires start quickly, and don’t get too hot or too big, and are more easily controlled than a traditional open fire pit.

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