Home Security

The kids are out of school and the sun is shining. You are finally able to take the family vacation that you have planned for all year. But when you leave the house and lock your door, is it really safe? Some of these best practices from Better Homes and Gardens will help you safeguard your home while on vacation.

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Pet-Friendly Moving Tips

Moving day can be stressful for pets, but you can help them keep comfortable and secure during a move by following these practical tips from the experts at The Pet Realty Network and Moving.net.

If moving to a new city, find out if there are any local regulations about pets, such as weight restrictions or whether they need to be on a leash. Make sure your new building or neighborhood is pet-friendly.

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Relocation Costs

Considering a move to a new city? Before packing your bags and hiring a moving company, be sure to research the potential price tag of relocating. It may cost more than you think.

 Cost of living can vary greatly from town to town, so do some research before taking the plunge. Better Homes and Gardens recommends browsing the local newspaper for grocery promotions, ads, and other local news to track costs so you can determine the income you might need. While several cost-of-living calculators are available on the Internet, they provide only general figures and don’t take into account specific housing needs.

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Color Splash

Let’s face it, a home with four white walls can be boring. To create more visual interest, experts at Pittsburgh Paints’ Voice of Color blog offer some suggestions for sprucing up your home with color.

Paint the ceiling. The ceiling is an integral part of the room, so give it some attention. If the wall color is light, paint the ceiling the same color. For dark-colored walls, choose a paint color that is one or two shades lighter than the walls. To accentuate a beautiful light fixture, paint the ceiling red, gray or chocolate brown.

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